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The Best Luxury European Massage in Chicago, IL

We, at Chicago Therapeutic Massages Studio offer the best massage in Chicago at a respectably fair price. We are committed to providing compassionate, intuitive and professional licensed therapeutic bodywork treatments and exceptional quality massage therapies. We take on a holistic approach, using trans-formative massage treatments to help your mind, body and spirit achieve relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our studio offers best luxury European Massage in Chicago, IL in a warm and relaxing environment where your comfort is our primary goal. Our experienced staffs have a passion for their craft and are very sincere about helping others through touch therapy. We are open everyday and will do our very best to schedule an appointment when it is most convenient for you.

Each room is furnished with luxury spa linens and blankets, warm towels, the highest quality specialized oils and lotions for your personalized treatment and other allied tools and equipment to help make your therapeutic massage deeply relaxing and restorative. Our lounge is comfortable, quiet and calming. We provide tea service, bottled water and snacks while you wait. So you can enjoy the best massage in Chicago with personalized care.

Our intention is to provide exemplary, personalized service and to focus on you through our best European massage in Chicago, IL. We are a reaction to the emergence of low quality massage parlors and big corporations that have devalued the craft of massage therapy. We take on a holistic approach, using trans-formative bodywork treatments to help your mind, body and spirit achieve relaxation and rejuvenation. We offer these high quality treatments at a fair and respectable price.

Custom combination massage $65

This is our most popular bodywork treatment! A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Combination massage is a relaxing, deeply therapeutic massage incorporating deep tissue, swedish, accupressure and stretching. Combination massage brings balance mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally by using swedish massage to increase circulation and eliminate toxins, passive yoga therapy or stretching to increase flexibility and range of motion, acupressure to release energy blockages and deep tissue to work on areas of chronic muscular pain or tension. Highly effective, this bodywork treatment relaxes and restores.

Deep tissue therapeutic massage $75

Using a comprehensive range of massage modalities, this therapy uses slow strokes, trigger point therapy and deep pressure to encourage proper muscle alignment, increase range of motion, relieve sore muscles, stimulate circulation and ease chronic pain and muscle tension. Designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and connective tissue, this type of bodywork treatment focuses on muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. REAL DEEP TISSUE. We know the difference between a firm and deep massage. If you’ve tried places and find that they cannot provide the level of pressure needed, please try us out for the best massage in Chicago! Not recommended for first time massage in Chicago.

De-stress revival massage $65

This bodywork treatment focuses primarily on the head, neck, back and shoulders. Swedish and Myofascial Release Techniques will be used with customized pressure and is perfect for those who suffer from headaches, chronic neck and back pain or for those who have sustained injuries. The body’s tension centers will find relief for tight, sore and fatigued muscles.

Injury / rehab medical massage 65 $

This specialized massage uses specific soft tissue techniques to improve muscle imbalance and addresses acute or chronic pain in areas of the body. Common injuries that we see are back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, Iliotibial Band Pain, Knee, Leg, Neck pain, Headache and Migraine pain, TMJ, Surgery recovery, Sciatica and Thoracic Outlet syndrome. Active and passive range of motion assessments as well as palpatory assessments are used. By reducing soft tissue restrictions and adhesions, working on joint mobilization, using PNF (proprio-receptive neuromuscular facilitation) therapists structure treatments to obtain a specific outcome. This is an excellent and precise bodywork treatment for those seeking to reduce pain and prevent further potential injuries.

Touch remedy massage 65$

This treatment focuses primarily on the hands, arms and shoulders and is beneficial for musicians, athletes, massage therapists, those with arthritis, those who work on computers all day and anyone who performs repetitive movements with their arms and hands on a daily basis. Hot steamy towels and therapeutic analgesics help loosen overused muscles. Attentive soft-tissue massage work and precise therapeutic stretches are performed on your hands, arms and chest and shoulders. The treatment ends with a relaxing neck and scalp massage to ease you back to reality.

Reflexology 65$

This ancient art of healing, imparts pressure point massage to the reflexology points of the feet, hands and ear. Stimulating these areas brings relief from stress and tension, improves physical balance to the entire body. Practiced for centuries, Reflexology works on the principle that all body organs are connected to reflex points in the feet, hands and ear via constantly flowing energy channels. Massage of these reflex points aims to improve well-being by restoring the flow of body energies. (30 minutes – focus is on the feet 60 minutes – focus is on feet, hand and ears).

Sports massage therapy 65$

This specialized type of massage uses a combination of gliding, compression, cross fiber friction and stretching techniques and is used on specific muscle groups to help relieve discomfort or pain resulting from physical activity. Pre-event or conditioning bodywork treatment uses stretching and short, invigorating, stimulating strokes directed towards parts of the body involved in the exertion. Post event or restorative bodywork treatment uses dynamic stretching and slow, gliding and kneading strokes to normalize muscle tissues, stimulate blood and lymph fluids and trigger point therapy to rid the body of knots in the muscles and increase range of motion.

Swedish ultimate relaxation massage 65$

This therapy uses light to moderate pressure to reduce stress, improve circulation, break up adhesions and decrease pain. Your therapist will customize this session by using multiple massage modalities including long kneading strokes. This treatment stimulates the natural healing and balancing processes of the body creating a state of deep relaxation.

These are some of the best massage in Chicago that we offer for your comfort and complete relaxation.

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